July 12th–21st, 2012

San Diego,
Santa Barbara,
Los Angeles

    • Santa Barbara Courthouse and jail. What a place to land in jail!
      • One of the magnificent courtrooms.
        • Don’t mess with Santa Barbara!
          • Clockworks and mural in the courthouse clocktower. It was only recently opened up.
          • Barbara, Harold & Judy at the Boathouse Restaurant on the Santa Barbara beach.
          • Cioppino, Nick’s succulent dinner.
          • ...while people sunbathed in front of us.
          • There is no place like (“home”). Flight #815 refers to initial episode of “Lost,” and HLODAVE refers to 2001, a Space Odyssey.
          • A walk in the Montecito woods above the developed area.
          • and its view from up there.
          • Judy, Harold and Nick photographing away at the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden.
          • California Poppies
            • The Santa Barbara Botanic Garden had its own little redwood forest, planted about 100 years ago.
              • Stearns Wharf of Santa Barbara, where we went again for an evening cruise.
              • Our cruise boat
                • California sea lions
                  • Back from 35,000 nautical miles at sea
                  • Stearns Wharf
                  • Moreton Bay Fig Tree, planted in 1877.
                  • Back to Harold’s backyard.
                                        • Mission Santa Barbara, “The Queen of the Missions.”
                                          • Note the hummingbird. We tried to get it to come back East with us.
                                            • I bet it wasn't quite so bucolic.
                                            • Babe Ruth and Bob Meusel visit the mission in 1924.
                                            • Barbara at Jeannine's, a favorite lunch stop of Harold and Judy’s.
                                            • This car once belonged to Clark Gable. Parked next to our table, it attracted a lot of attention.
                                            • Ganna Walska Lotusland, one of most beautiful botanical gardens we’ve seen.
                                            • Famous for its 150 species of cycads.