July 12th–21st, 2012

San Diego,
Santa Barbara,
Los Angeles

    • The seed head of a cycad
    • An agave blooming and about to die—a “Big Bang” reproductive strategy.
    • Catus galore.
          • Furry cactus
                        • Roses galore.
                          • And some formal gardens
                          • A “grotesque”
                          • Like out of Jurassic Park
                            • Lotus plant leaves are known for being water repellent by using nanostructures...
                            • ... and having unusual seed heads.
                              • Barbara at Lotusland
                              • A sunset while we were having dinner at Ca'Dario—very delicious for all of us. Barbara had seafood risotto, cooked to perfection.
                              • ”The Grove,” high end shopping in L.A. We did not linger. We ate at the Farmer’s Market, next door.
                              • Ice cream with Uncle Bob and Aunt Mary Jane.
                              • Barbara and Uncle Bob at LACMA, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art
                              • Girl holding up “Levitated Mass” at LACMA for her mother. “It’s too heavy Mom” to hold with one hand.
                              • Rodin self portrait
                              • With Uncle Bob and Aunt Mary Jane we attended a Jazz Concert at LACMA.
                              • Trying to stay cool.
                              • Always cool!
                              • Althea, Bertha and Esther
                              • Chicken’s eye view
                              • Replica at Forest Lawn Cemetery, the day we headed back.