Greece then Paris

Our Rick Steves tour of Greece, April 10–26. Then Paris til the 29th.

Part 2: Visit to Paris

Part 3: Museum artifacts…

Extra: Cooking Class…

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  1. FSC_2706.NEF — The Parthenon on the Acropolis, from our hotel in Athens
  2. ESC_8801.NEF — The entrance to the amphitheater at the base of the Acropolis
  3. ESC_8854.NEF — Maria Callas sang here, in the 1950s.
  4. ESC_8804.NEF
  5. ESC_8805.NEF — Apocryphal “Prison of Socrates”
  6. ESC_8797.NEF — The first Greek Orthodox church we visited
  7. ESC_8798.NEF
  8. FSC_2686.NEF — The Acropolis
  9. FSC_2766.NEF — Closeup of the flag flying from the top of the Acropolis
  10. FSC_2700.NEF — Barbara eating Moussaka at the hotel—delicious!
  11. FSC_2698.NEF — Cretan (from Crete) pasta in a feta cream sauce
  12. FSC_2691.NEF
  13. FSC_2728.NEF — Mushroom risotto with truffle oil
  14. FSC_2729.NEF — Beef cheek with celery root puree
  15. FSC_2752.NEF — The Parthenon lit up at night
  16. FSC_2764.NEF — Arch of Hadrian
  17. FSC_2722.NEF — Remaining column of The Temple of Olympian Zeus
  18. FSC_2758.NEF — Restoration of the rest of the temple
  19. FSC_2774.NEF — The Roman Agoria. or central square
  20. FSC_2779.NEF — Tower of the Winds
  21. FSC_2780.NEF — Angel, who brings in good sailing weather
  22. ESC_8821.NEF — Wall of eyes in the neighborhood of Anaflotika
  23. ESC_8823.NEF — Bougainvillea, found everywhere
  24. FSC_2781.NEF — Restaurant dedicatged to Melina Mercouri, Greek actress of the 50s and 60s
  25. FSC_2782.NEF
  26. FSC_2786.NEF — Fish & chips, Greek style!
  27. FSC_2791.NEF — The initial meeting or our Rick Steves Tour group
  28. FSC_2812.NEF — Angelos, our tour director
  29. ESC_8832.NEF — Our first dinner together—at Gods’ Restaurant
  30. ESC_8834.NEF
  31. ESC_8835.NEF
  32. ESC_8852.NEF — Today, we head up to the Acropolis.
  33. FSC_2866.NEF — Mamma Faye, our local guide in Athens
  34. FSC_2835.NEF
  35. FSC_2838.NEF
  36. ESC_8900.NEF — The Propylaea, the main entrance to the Acropolis
  37. FSC_2875.NEF — The Erechtheion
  38. FSC_2907.NEF — The Porch of the Caryatids, with a closeup of the Caryatids, these are copies
  39. FSC_2885.NEF — The Temple of Athena with Ionic capitals
  40. FSC_2911.NEF — An olive tree has been here for 2,500 years.
  41. ESC_8870.NEF — The front of the Parthenon
  42. FSC_2897.NEF — The other side of the Parthenon
  43. FSC_2891.NEF
  44. FSC_2902.NEF
  45. FSC_2890.NEF — Tourists around the Greek flag
  46. ESC_8893.NEF — View of Athens from the Acropolis
  47. FSC_2938.NEF — The Acropolis Museum: two horsemen
  48. FSC_2941.NEF — Two horsemen showing their likely original coloration
  49. ESC_8910.NEF — Depiction of the art on the south pediment of the Parthenon
  50. FSC_2935.NEF — Metops—bas reliefs under the temple pediment. The British Museum has most of these.
  51. FSC_2950.NEF — An original Caryatid. inside to halt weathering
  52. FSC_2956.NEF — The hair of a Caryatid was actually used to strengthen the statue for supporting the roof.
  53. IMG_3643.HEIC — Dinner at the hotel ‘al fresco’
  54. IMG_3645.HEIC — Tonight, Barbara is having the beef cheeks.
  55. FSC_2970.NEF — Our group, on the way to Delphi
  56. FSC_2972.NEF — The village of Anatova where we stopped for lunch
  57. ESC_8931.NEF — The view from the Anatova roadside.
  58. FSC_3096.NEF — Penny, our local guide to Delphi, knew every detail about the Oracle.
  59. FSC_2987.NEF — The ancient Temple of Apollo, where the Oracle of Delphi prophesied.
  60. FSC_3084.NEF — Treasury commerating the victory of the Greeks over the Persians in the Battle of Marathon
  61. FSC_3100.NEF — The ruin of the Temple of Apollo. Gas from the rocks intoxicated the Oracle.
  62. ESC_8997.NEF
  63. ESC_8987.NEF — Amphitheater, next to the temple, for vocal performances honoring Apollo
  64. ESC_8957.NEF — The Delphi Museum
  65. FSC_2990.NEF — The sphinx of Naxos
  66. FSC_2999.NEF — Battle scene between Greeks and Trojans
  67. FSC_3000.NEF — Ouch! That smarts.
  68. FSC_3004.NEF
  69. FSC_3018.NEF
  70. ESC_8950.NEF — The Twins of Argos
  71. FSC_3059.NEF — Bronze Charioteer was unearthed intact.
  72. FSC_3106.NEF — Dinner with a mountain view
  73. FSC_3108.NEF
  74. FSC_3110.NEF
  75. FSC_3111.NEF
  76. FSC_3131.NEF — This was a roadside rest stop—reflecting European standards.
  77. FSC_3180.NEF — Overlooking a mountain valley, from the bus
  78. FSC_3146.NEF
  79. FSC_3167.NEF — Museum commemorating the Nazi murder of all men and boys over the age of 12
  80. ESC_9001.NEF — Farm in a forest, where we stopped for lunch
  81. FSC_3196.NEF — Herding sheep and goats, by truck
  82. FSC_3199.NEF
  83. ESC_9007.NEF
  84. FSC_3210.NEF — We approach Lagkadia in the Menalon Mountains.
  85. ESC_9014.NEF — The view from our hotel room
  86. FSC_3215.NEF — We visit the Lagkadia cemetary—similar to ones we saw in Italy.
  87. FSC_3216.NEF
  88. ESC_9049.NEF — We visit Olympia, the site of the world’s first Olympic Games.
  89. FSC_3229.NEF — Niki, our tour guide of ancient Olympia
  90. ESC_9048.NEF
  91. FSC_3239.NEF — A griffon
  92. FSC_3279.NEF — Hermes carrying baby Dionysius, considered the most beautiful statue found intact.
  93. FSC_3285.NEF — It is believed that Hermes is holding a bunch of grapes that Dionysius wants.
  94. FSC_3276.NEF — The statue of Zeus—now destroyed. It was one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.
  95. FSC_3265.NEF — Centerpiece of the pediment of the Temple of Zeus at Olympia.
  96. FSC_3301.NEF — Model of the complex at ancient Olympia
  97. ESC_9071.NEF — Niki showing the original structure of The Temple of Zeus
  98. ESC_9076.NEF — Puzzle pieces—Build a column.
  99. ESC_9077.NEF — Bases of the statues of the “The Walk of Shame”—Olympic cheaters
  100. ESC_9079.NEF — Tunnel of Krypti, the entrance to the athletic stadium
  101. ESC_9082.NEF — Starting line—We could pretend to be an ancient Olympian.
  102. ESC_9092.NEF — We stop at a olive oil factory for a taste.
  103. FSC_3336.NEF — We approach our next stop, a seaside village on the Mani Peninsula.
  104. ESC_9096.NEF — Views from our seaside hotel room
  105. IMG_3665.HEIC
  106. IMG_3660.HEIC — We enjoy an easy pizza.
  107. ESC_9110.NEF — The next day, we walk up the hill, where the locals hid from pirates in the 1600s, to see this church…
  108. ESC_9112.NEF — …an original tower house.
  109. FSC_3344.NEF — Icon in the church
  110. ESC_9133.NEF
  111. FSC_3349.NEF — Under the bougainvillea
  112. FSC_3351.NEF — Oranges you could pick right off a tree
  113. FSC_3357.NEF — and figs
  114. FSC_3366.NEF — On this day off, we enjoy an Italian dinner for a change.
  115. FSC_3369.NEF — The moon from our room
  116. ESC_9144.NEF — Up a hill of a remote town with well preserved Byzantine churches
  117. ESC_9140.NEF
  118. FSC_3380.NEF
  119. ESC_9169.NEF
  120. ESC_9170.NEF
  121. ESC_9174.NEF
  122. FSC_3386.NEF
  123. ESC_9180.NEF — We stop for a snack in the remote town.
  124. ESC_9195.NEF — We approach a town by the sea, where we have lunch.
  125. ESC_9202.NEF — Angelos
  126. FSC_3388.NEF
  127. FSC_3387.NEF — One of our traveling comanions has a pile of mullet, our lunch by the seaside.
  128. FSC_3400.NEF — The rock of Monemvasia, much like the Rock of Gibraltar.
  129. FSC_3397.NEF — The ship that will take the Olympic Torch to Marseilles the next day
  130. FSC_3403.NEF — Whole shrimp: They were a little overcooked, I’m afraid.
  131. ESC_9212.NEF — The rock of Monemvasia in the morning. We’re going to take a bus to the old town.
  132. FSC_3420.NEF — The ship departing for Marseilles. Yes, the water really is that blue!
  133. ESC_9219.NEF — The lower and uper towns are walled. Strong men with carts, take all the goods in and out.
  134. FSC_3416.NEF
  135. FSC_3421.NEF
  136. ESC_9227.NEF — We circumnavigate the walled lower town.
  137. FSC_3428.NEF — Crystal clear water: We could see the bottom.
  138. FSC_3415.NEF
  139. FSC_3431.NEF
  140. ESC_9233.NEF — Cannon balls litter the town square.
  141. FSC_3440.NEF
  142. FSC_3452.NEF — Our cooking lesson at the hotel that afternoon. It was a blast!
  143. FSC_3543.NEF — We make authentic Greek dishes—Moussaka.
  144. FSC_3561.NEF
  145. FSC_3675.NEF — Baklava
  146. FSC_3685.NEF
  147. FSC_3698.NEF — On the road again. We approach the mountains of Sparta in Mystra, our next stop.
  148. ESC_9269.NEF — The Palace of the Despots, shown by our local tour guide as Nick climbs down the mountainside.
  149. ESC_9278.NEF
  150. ESC_9247.NEF — An abondoned 1ancient church from the Byzantine Empire
  151. ESC_9254.NEF
  152. FSC_3715.NEF — The invading Moors whited out the eys of the icons, since depicting people was forbidden.
  153. ESC_9284.NEF — We stop at a surviving nunery. There are six nuns there.
  154. FSC_3726.NEF — Representing the power of the Byzantine Empire
  155. FSC_3733.NEF
  156. ESC_9330.NEF — We stop at a local winery.
  157. FSC_3738.NEF — Casks used for an ancient winemaking process
  158. FSC_3752.NEF — Hotel in Nafplio, this unique room had a stone interior.
  159. ESC_9332.NEF — Our room was not stone, but still beautiful.
  160. FSC_3755.NEF
  161. FSC_3768.NEF — Nafplio was once ruled by the Venetions.
  162. ESC_9351.NEF — Entrance to a stone royal tomb before the entrance of Mycenae
  163. ESC_9337.NEF — These were the largest unsupported domes before the Romans.
  164. ESC_9360.NEF — A funerary tomb, shown by our local tour guide at Mycenae
  165. FSC_3791.NEF — A copy of the apocryphal Mask of Agamemnon. We’ll see the original later.
  166. FSC_3794.NEF
  167. ESC_9363.NEF — The Lion Gate entrance to the ruin of Mycenae
  168. FSC_3809.NEF — The movie production company is named after this gate.
  169. FSC_3804.NEF — You can just pick up an ancient shard off the ground.
  170. FSC_3821.NEF — “PSARO” is the origin of “Pisarro” our surname.
  171. FSC_3825.NEF
  172. FSC_3826.NEF — We dine at a family restaurant—celebrating the Greek resistence of the 60s.
  173. FSC_3849.NEF — Troubadours played and sang classic folksongs.
  174. FSC_3829.NEF
  175. FSC_3856.NEF — Surprise birthday celebration for two of our companions
  176. ESC_9366.NEF — At Epidavros, we visit the best preserved greek amphitheater—holding 14,000.
  177. ESC_9376.NEF — From the top row, you could hear clapping on the stage below due to the great acoustics.
  178. FSC_3889.NEF — Asklepios the god of medicine.
  179. FSC_3884.NEF — A medical center, Epidavros offered cures. Here are medical instruments.
  180. FSC_3891.NEF — We preserved Corinthian capital
  181. ESC_9383.NEF — Medical comples ruin
  182. FSC_3917.NEF — In the afternoon, we take this ferry to the Isle of Hydros.
  183. FSC_3946.NEF — Donkeys and mules are the baggage service.
  184. ESC_9388.NEF
  185. FSC_3924.NEF
  186. FSC_3928.NEF
  187. FSC_3930.NEF — Hydra is not so overrun by tourists like some of the other islands.
  188. FSC_3932.NEF — …made up by feral cats.
  189. IMG_3692.HEIC — A sandstorm from the Sahara made the sky turn red-orange. This was not normal.
  190. FSC_3969.NEF — It made the front page of the NY Times the next day!
  191. FSC_3974.NEF — Seafood risotto
  192. FSC_3982.NEF — We did a walking tour of the town, the next day.
  193. FSC_3979.NEF
  194. FSC_3987.NEF — The Monastery of the Dormition
  195. FSC_3989.NEF
  196. FSC_3993.NEF — Another Psaro seafood restaurant
  197. FSC_3990.NEF — Where we enjoyed these big squid.
  198. FSC_4001.NEF — The large ferry that took us back to Athens
  199. FSC_3995.NEF
  200. ESC_9390.NEF — The Archeological Museum of Athens, with world famous artifacts
  201. FSC_4005.NEF — Mamma Faye outlines the history of the artifacts.
  202. FSC_4095.NEF — Fabuous bronze statue of Zeus or Poseidon (ca 460 BC)
  203. FSC_4096.NEF
  204. FSC_4113.NEF — The Antikythera Mechanism—the most complex instrument made in ancient times (ca 150–100 BC)
  205. FSC_4013.NEF — The original apocryphal Mask of Agamemnon
  206. FSC_4053.NEF — Ancient safety pin
  207. FSC_4065.NEF — The Dipylon Vase—painted with a funeral scene (ca 750 BC)
  208. FSC_4069.NEF — The Kourous from Sounion—an idealized young man (600 BC)
  209. FSC_4123.NEF — Representation of the Athena Varvakeion as it was in the Parthenon
  210. FSC_4134.NEF — The Artemision Jockey (ca 140 BC)
  211. FSC_4135.NEF — Statue of a woman from the classical period of sculpture (ca 400 BC)
  212. img20240521_07483767.jpg — Here we are for our last portrait.
  213. FSC_4152.NEF — Angelos and the restaurant owner
  214. FSC_4142.NEF — We gather for our find group dinner.
  215. FSC_4143.NEF
  216. FSC_4145.NEF