Oskar Schindler’s Enamel Factory

Showing the systematic persecution of both The Polish and the Jews
May 20th, 2019

Part of trip to: Central & Eastern Europe.

We also visited: Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration Camps.

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  1. DSI_0371 — The museum is dedicated to showing the systematic persecution of both the Polish People and the Jews.
  2. DSI_0287 — A private tourguide gave us detailed background of everything we saw.
  3. DSI_0288
  4. DSI_0292 — Strong Ready—Anti-Aircraft Defense.
  5. DSI_0294
  6. DSI_0307 — A Nazi centric report on the occupation of Kraków by the Germans.
  7. DSI_0308
  8. DSI_0309 — Jews are Prohibited.
  9. DSI_0314 — Jews are prohibited from entering the park.
  10. DSI_0316
  11. DSI_0320 — The Nazis come down hard on the Poles’ attempt to restart their University.
  12. DSI_0329 — Box seats at the Opera—reserved for the Nazi commanders.
  13. DSI_0330
  14. DSI_0332 — Here two German soldiers pose for a postcard to send back home.
  15. DSI_0341
  16. DSI_0340 — In building a wall around the Jewish Quarter, they built it in the shape of Jewish tombstones, to remind them of their fate.
  17. DSI_0343
  18. DSI_0362 — Poles built cramped underground housing to hide Jews from the Nazis.
  19. DSI_0370 — Oskar Schindler
  20. DSI_0352 — The kind of enamelware made at the factory.