Our Family trip to the Southwest

Las Vegas and Arizona
October 11–18, 2023

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  1. FSC_1888.NEF — We’re staying at the Luxor in Las Vegas.
  2. ESC_8208.NEF
  3. ESC_8203.NEF
  4. FSC_1904.NEF
  5. ESC_8196.NEF — The Luxor is only 3/4 the size of the Great Pyramid of Giza.
  6. ESC_8193.NEF — The Ancient Egyptian theme is not carried into the room.
  7. ESC_8222.NEF — No clocks, no windows.
  8. ESC_8212.NEF — We’re off for a walk along The Strip and dinner.
  9. ESC_8210.NEF — New York, New York features a roller coaster—not featured in real NYC.
  10. ESC_8216.NEF — Not like the one in Westport!
  11. ESC_8220.NEF — Dinner in France
  12. FSC_1891.NEF — We were very impressed with dinner at Mon Ami Gabi, and it was not too expensive.
  13. ESC_8232.NEF — Except for the $613 check, meant for the next table!
  14. FSC_1901.NEF — Caesar’s Palace was very palatial.
  15. FSC_1895.NEF — If just a bit tacky.
  16. ESC_8275.NEF
  17. FSC_1909.NEF — Back to the Luxor
  18. ESC_8278.NEF — Nicholas wanted us to experience a Las Vegas buffet, truly extragavent.
  19. ESC_8277.NEF — Like eating the in a sacred crypt of Egypt.
  20. ESC_8280.NEF — The food was definitly not Egyptian.
  21. ESC_8285.NEF
  22. FSC_1903.NEF — Anubis, the god of the underworld
  23. FSC_1910.NEF — We didn’t get to see Sphere at night. Lighting for the Grand Prix, in front.
  24. FSC_1935.NEF — On the way to the Grand Canyon is Hoover Dam.
  25. ESC_8302.NEF — Iconic
  26. FSC_1946.NEF
  27. ESC_8301.NEF
  28. FSC_1918.NEF — The water has risen, but it is still 30 feet down.
  29. FSC_1922.NEF — On the top of the dam
  30. FSC_1926.NEF — Looking down river
  31. FSC_1940.NEF
  32. FSC_1941.NEF
  33. FSC_1920.NEF
  34. FSC_2342.NEF — Into Arizona for the rest of our trip
  35. FSC_1965.NEF — Yelp suggested a barbecue place in Seligman, AZ.
  36. FSC_1954.NEF — Redneck’s BBQ was one of our most memorable meals.
  37. FSC_1959.NEF
  38. FSC_1957.NEF — They had three Connecticut license plates on their counter—more than any other state.
  39. FSC_1970.NEF — Approaching Grand Canyon Village for our next stop.
  40. FSC_1974.NEF
  41. ESC_8312.NEF
  42. ESC_8313.NEF — Garcia Lopez de Cardenas first saw the canyon in 1540. What did he think?
  43. ESC_8323.NEF
  44. ESC_8324.NEF — Photographs don’t come close to capturing the granduer of the canyon.
  45. ESC_8352.NEF
  46. FSC_2011.NEF
  47. FSC_2018.NEF — There’ a weather station down there and someone fishing.
  48. FSC_2036.NEF — Life on the edge
  49. FSC_2132.NEF
  50. ESC_8380.NEF
  51. FSC_2068.NEF
  52. FSC_2069.NEF — A volunteer had a solar telescope so you could see solar flares on the Sun.
  53. ESC_8399.NEF — Driving along, we stopped at several lookout points for different views of the Canyon.
  54. ESC_8420.NEF
  55. FSC_2146.NEF
  56. IMG_3423.HEIC — In Page, our next stop, we ate in a Mexican Restaurant, crammed with locals.
  57. IMG_3415.HEIC — We didn’t go hungry!
  58. Ecclipse Viewing.png — Inadvertantly, we were in the path of an annular eclipse of the sun. Nick used binoculars to project the solar disc.
  59. Eclipse Sequence.jpg — Photo by Alexander Spahn
  60. ESC_8641.NEF — The next day we were off to Antelope Canyon X and Sedona.
  61. FSC_2149.NEF — Antelope Canyon X is a less crowded experience than the more well known Antelope Canyon.
  62. ESC_8451.NEF — Still there was a caravan from the remote ticket center to the canyon itself.
  63. ESC_8454.NEF — Carla, descending the stairs into the Canyon.
  64. ESC_8459.NEF
  65. ESC_8467.NEF — It was a descent into another world.
  66. ESC_8468.NEF
  67. ESC_8470.NEF
  68. ESC_8473.NEF
  69. ESC_8475.NEF
  70. ESC_8476.NEF
  71. ESC_8479.NEF
  72. ESC_8482.NEF
  73. ESC_8488.NEF
  74. ESC_8498.NEF
  75. ESC_8502.NEF
  76. ESC_8518.NEF
  77. ESC_8562.NEF
  78. FSC_2173.NEF — Our guide demonstated how the canyon was formed by wind and rain.
  79. FSC_2182.NEF
  80. ESC_8526.NEF — Into another section of the canyon
  81. ESC_8619.NEF
  82. ESC_8638.NEF — The guide was cautious: Barbara got an ATV ride out of the canyon, while the rest of us walked.
  83. FSC_2228.NEF — Safely back on the surface.
  84. FSC_2237.NEF — Off to Sedona—through scenery nowhere else on Earth.
  85. ESC_8647.NEF — We bought some plates at a Mexican crafts store near our next hotel.
  86. FSC_2292.NEF — The view from The Views motel where we stayed three nights.
  87. ESC_8657.NEF
  88. FSC_2325.NEF — Slide Rock State Park was the place to cool off in the heat.
  89. FSC_2310.NEF
  90. FSC_2311.NEF
  91. FSC_2322.NEF
  92. FSC_2357.NEF — The next day, we hiked along Bell Rock Trail,—hot, dry, and beautiful.
  93. FSC_2351.NEF
  94. FSC_2347.NEF
  95. FSC_2366.NEF
  96. FSC_2368.NEF
  97. FSC_2370.NEF — Barbara’s dusty shoes from our hike
  98. FSC_2444.NEF — The Inn at Eagle Rock in Fountain Hills, near Barbara’s cousins.
  99. ESC_8660.NEF — Beautiful room with a beautiful view.
  100. FSC_2395.NEF — Cousin Tom took us to see the wild horses on the reservation. Most were hiding from the heat.
  101. FSC_2386.NEF — In the heat, these kids were cooling off in the river flowing through the reservation.
  102. FSC_2390.NEF — An Apache helicopter flew over us while we were on the reservation.
  103. ESC_8665.NEF — Sunset view from our room
  104. FSC_2412.NEF — Tom, Marie and Barbara
  105. FSC_2410.NEF — Arizona moon
  106. ESC_8669.NEF — Nght View
  107. FSC_2417.NEF — Sunrise view before we head off to the airport.
  108. FSC_2549.NEF — Barbara’s fortune, a fitting summary of our trip.