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Day 9: Friday March 25, 2016

In order to get our 6 AM flight, we left for the airport at 3. Our cab arrived promptly. Nick told me that he was going to check our tickets to find out the number of the flight’s terminal.    The driver said, “Excuse me, sir. We are a small country. We have only one terminal.”

Our  flight home was turbulent, but our ride home  from Newark Airport back to Connecticut was placid.  We have lovely photos and memories of Costa Rica. ¡Pura Vida!

Here are the Photos of our trip!

Group portrait—our last night together. We fly off at 5 A.M. the next morning.

Day 5: Monday March 21, 2016

We left Arenal Springs and went west, stopping at  Mistico Hanging Bridges, a series of fifteen suspension bridges interspersed  through a private park in the rainforest. Our tour members had a choice between four activities. IMG_4666We could remain at the entry and enjoy the view of Arenal Volcano, or walk  half a mile to the first bridge and then turn around, or walk halfway through the bridges and then turn around, or walk the two mile loop with a guide through the rainforest. Continue reading Day 5: Monday March 21, 2016

Day 4 Sunday March 20, 2016

Today we went north  to Rio Frio (Cold River, which it is not), for a “wildlife jungle cruise.” Previously, the only ‘Jungle Cruise’ we had ever been on was the one at Disney World. There we spent an hour on line for a five minute ride through a man-made jungle filled with mechanical animals. Here we spent two hours in a boat seeing some of the most magnificent creatures on the planet on both sides of the river! Continue reading Day 4 Sunday March 20, 2016

Our Trip to Costa Rica, Starting Off

Day 0

Several months ago, I remarked to my niece, Dawn, that Nick and I had not seen her and her husband for several years. Rather than them returning to Connecticut to visit us, or us visiting them in Texas, I asked if there was anywhere they’d like to go that the four of us might enjoy together. They suggested Costa Rica. As Coast Rica was on Nick’s Bucket List, we decided to meet there. Continue reading Our Trip to Costa Rica, Starting Off