Greece 2024, Day 14 — April 23, 2024

Just when I was thinking that we must have seen all of the most significant sites of ancient Greece, I found out how wrong I was. Off we went to Epidavros, the location of the  finest and best-preserved theater of ancient Greece. The theater has an orchestra area, a smaller stage area, and bleacher-like seats made of limestone that could accommodate 14,000 viewers. Those who climbed to the top of the stands, including Nick, enjoyed a magnificent view of the theater as well as the countryside behind it and the mountains in the distance. The acoustics were excellent. Singing or reciting are not allowed now, but clapping is permitted, and when you clap, you can hear the echo.

There was also an ancient healing center where the sick went to be treated by doctor-priests acting on behalf of Asklepios, the god of medicine. Before that, it was a temple to Apollo, the god of light.

In the archaeology museum there, you can see the medical instruments that were used at the time. There are also statues of gods to whom the sick would pray. There is a well-preserved Corinthian capital. Archaeologists are working to reconstruct some of the ancient buildings there.

Our bus took us to the ferry that would be bringing us to  Hydra (pronounced Eee’-dra), a traffic-free island that uses donkeys for transportation rather than cars. For lunch we each enjoyed a gyro (pronounced yee’-ro). Nick ordered pork while mine was shrimp.

After a rest, we met some of our fellow travelers in the hotel’s courtyard. While we were chatting, we noticed a very strange phenomenon. The sky was turning a color that was a combination of tan and orange, something none of us had ever seen before, and we found it truly amazing. We later learned, from an article in the NY Times, that this was sand that was coming from the Sahara. It was surprise to the locals, too, who were photographing it as we were.

I was really tired, but we had to get dinner. I don’t know what Nick ordered, but I had seafood risotto, something I cannot resist.

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  1. Beautiful pictures and accounts of your daily events. I am glad that you get to experience this interesting trip.

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