Greece 2024, Day 19 — April 28, 2024

We were awakened  by a phone message telling us that our daughter, Carla, was at JFK Airport  about to board a flight to London. She has many friends there including her former suite mates and former coworkers, and she enjoys visiting them.

Later that morning, we decided to go out for breakfast and to find someplace nearby that we had never been to before. The weather was cloudy, windy, and cold, so we definitely didn’t want to eat al fresco. While enjoying croissants (chocolate for Nick and almond for me), we remembered that we had seen some museums adjacent to the Jardin des  Plantes. We thought the Grande Galerie de l’Evolution sounded interesting, and  once there, we were amazed at how  truly interesting it was! It has several floors, each one dedicated to a variety of creatures that live, or have lived, in different environments on our planet. The ground floor is dedicated to sea life, with a variety of whale skeletons. Animals of the Arctic and Antarctic, the African savannah, the Sahara desert, and the Amazon rain florist are on the next floor. After that, there are endangered species. The fascinating thing about this museum is that very few of the displays are behind glass cases. Most of them have protective fencing, but that only rises about a foot from the floor. We could walk around the displays and see the animals  from all sides.  I thought it was remarkable that children, of whom there were many there, didn’t attempt to touch the display animals because the majority of them were too young to read the “Do Not Touch” signs.

On our walk back to the flat, we reached a trattoria and decided to share a salad  of lettuce, shrimp, tomatoes, olives, avocado, and smoked salmon, in a honey mustard dressing.

Later that afternoon, Jose-Maria and Agnès arrived, and we were thrilled to see each other. It’s always fun for me to see and hear Jose-Maria and Nick pick up technical conversations that they had begun on our previous get-togethers, while Agnès and I talk about our families. Since we saw them last, their son and daughter-in-law have become parents!  Our dear friends now have four grandchildren, from teenagers to an infant.

After a rest for all of us, we walked to another nearby restaurant for dinner. We shared another Kir Royale, and Nick and I both enjoyed our dinner of veal with potatoes. The four of us  discussed the state of world affairs while we walked back to their flat.

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