San Francisco Day 3 – October 8, 2016

dsg_2660On Saturday morning, we had our first continental breakfast at our B & B. We were seated at a table with four other travelers, some from North America and some from other continents. The conversations were fascinating, and the breakfast was delicious: rolls
with butter and jams, muffins,  and either plain or almond croissants. Notice that I didn’t say this was a healthy breakfast, but it was delicious, and we were certain that we would walk it off.

At this point I discovered that I had inadvertently left one of my prescriptions at home. We used our GPS to find a Walgreen’s near the B & B. My prescription was in their computer, and they were able to fill it while I waited. We found that we were near Chinatown,img_4829 so we decided to walk to the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory (there’s that name again!), where we could see  fortune cookies being made by hand. You can pay extra to write your own fortune on a slip of paper and have it inserted in a cookie. I had one made for Nicholas, saying that he would do well in the Twitter buyout.

In the afternoon we decided to go to the  de Young Museum in Golden Gate Park. Thisdsg_2730 museum features “American art from the 17th through the 20th centuries, textile arts, and art of Africa, Oceania, and the Americas,” and it gave me a new appreciation for art. Humans have felt the need to express themselves by creating what they saw or imagined in every part of the earth for centuries. This was a very powerful realization for me.

After the museum, we called Nicholas to make arrangements for our Alcatraz tour the next day. He said he was not too far away from us and he’d be glad to meet us  for dinner. This was unlike the “overtake” problems I did in math decades ago,  because we walked up, down, and around several hills until we met each other. We decided on a Thai restaurant, where I had Pad Thai for the first time and loved it. Nicholas’ dessert was his fortune cookie.  We made our plans for Sunday morning as we parted after dinner.dsg_2818