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Suggestions Page

Please feel free to make suggestions or report bugs. Questions will be answered via E-Mail.
— the On Vacation! webmaster.
  • You do not have to login to make suggestions.
Desired Features
  • Allow someone to subscribe to receiving change notices.
  • Allow wiki syntax in blog entries.
  • Do a mash-up with Google Maps.
  • Keep a login timestamp in the cookie so we can log the logged-in interval in the logout message.
  • Ask to do a Save when you click "Back To the Calendar" from editing.
  • Allow a logged in user to see other vacations without logging them out.
  • Do a mash-up with Travel Sights. E.g. Click on link to make a travel reservation for a given date.
Implemented Features
  • Be able to keep a list of locations with URLs to their websites. Then be able to specify the location through a popup when editing an individual vacation day. (Implemented)
  • Be able to add Events, which may be a time and date or dates, location, etc. These would show on the calendar, dates, and itinerary. (Implemented)
  • Preview an image when you select it in the Background Image popup. (Implemented)
  • Keep a last modified date for each blog entry. (Implemented)
  • Keep last Login date and the ID creation date. (Implemented)
  • Feature to let someone E-Mail a link to a vacation. (Permalink) (Implemented)
  • E-Mail a forgotten password. (Implemented)
  • New feature: Advanced Tool Tips show data for calendar dates, events and locations. You do not have to click on many links to view their data. (Implemented)
  • If a url in a location or event doesn't start with “http://”, put it in when generating it on pages. (Fixed!)
  • If you click on a Location from a vacation day, be able to edit it via an Edit button, if you are logged in, of course. (Implemented)
  • Don't let a user Edit an Event for a given Vacation Day, until they specified a city for that day. (Implemented)
  • When you click "Test Guest Login" show a button, "Back to Regular" in the Login pane, that lets you go back to a regular login. (Implemented)
  • Log enabling & disabling the database. (Implemented)
  • Put a Mouseover on (Admin's) User list. (Implemented)
  • Put a Mouseover on About vacation list. (Implemented)
  • Printable Comments button. (Implemented)
  • Show the current date on the calendar in Green. (Implemented)
  • When editing event dates, the times may shift by a few hours, depending on the time zone. (Fixed!)
  • Add an archive flag so you don't see vacations in your Vacations menu. (Implemented)
  • Only display SQL of updates when in admin mode. (Implemented)
  • Be able to ask for an ID & password given an e-mail address. The login field now accepts an e-mail address and leading or trailing blanks. (Implemented)
  • Put an expiration date on the cookie. (Fixed!)
  • Use AJAX to add/edit comments for vacations and vacation days. This means the comments are edited in place, instead in a popup window. (New!)
  • Show a whole vacation if it crosses months. (Implemented)
  • Add a 2015 style skin. (Implemented)
  • Bug: Showing archived vacations on same calendar as listed vacations. (Fixed!)
  • Recognize URLs in Notes, Confidential Notes, and Comments. (Implemented)

Posted by Nicholas Pisarro, Jr. on Aug. 25th, 2005, modified Monday, Aug. 10th, 2015 at 1:21 AM