Eastern Europe, Day 2 – Thursday, May 16, 2019

Prague, Czech Republic

There we were in Prague on Nick’s birthday! This trip will be quite a birthday celebration! Desk clerks often have wonderful restaurant suggestions. We asked ours for a restaurant that would have typical Czech food, and off we went. The restaurant, decorated with black and white photos of actors of the 1920s, was aptly called Nostalgie. We were a bit concerned because no one else was dining there, but we realized that the time was 3 PM, too late for lunch and too early for dinner. Our waiter helped us choose “pig’s knee,” a roast pork dish, which we both enjoyed, and he gave us a bottle of Czech wine as a parting gift. After our meal, we began to wander through the neighborhood, but before too long, lack of sleep caught up with us, and we returned to our hotel for a nap.

Our tour would begin on the following day. We always plan to arrive one or two days in advance of the start of a tour. Not only is it possible that your luggage won’t arrive on time, but flights have been known to be delayed or canceled. We like to get to our destination in advance to be safe, and also, to begin to get adjusted to the change in time zones.

We awoke from our nap at 9 PM Czech time. Not hungry enough for a meal, we decided to go out in search of dessert. While we were walking and consulting our map, two tourists who were also walking and consulting their map approached us. They were a mother and daughter from Toronto who had been in Prague for a day or two already, and they decided to try to help us find the dessert restaurant that Trip Advisor had suggested to us. We didn’t find it, but we enjoyed meeting them.

We found an Argentine restaurant that had churros and a floor show, but this wasn’t what we wanted. We walked until we found an Italian restaurant/cafeteria. The kitchen was closed, but we could choose desserts from the display. The birthday boy chose chocolate mousse, which we shared. I was sure we had walked off the calories, and Nick didn’t care.

We still had energy, so we walked on. We found a store with the word “Market” in its title, so we ventured inside. We saw many items with which we were familiar, except that they had an additional ingredient: cannabis! There was a huge variety of items into which cannabis was added, including cookies, beer, and water.

On the way back to our hotel, we passed many groups of men and women in their twenties trying to decide where to spend their evening, just as people their age were doing around the world. Our first day had been lovely!

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