Eastern Europe, Day 8 – Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Krakow, Poland to Levoča, Slovakia to Eger, Hungary

What an amazing day this would be: breakfast in Poland,  lunch in Slovakia, and dinner in Hungary!

We had an early breakfast so that we could be in the bus by 8 AM. Because the road was filled with hills, twists and turns, I asked for a seat in the front. This was not a problem. There were enough seats in the bus for almost everyone who so chose to take two. Nick and I prefer to  be together.  As usual, Katerina provided activities to keep us involved, as well as quiet time.

Our lunch stop was in Levoča, Slovakia. Levoča was originally part of the Kingdom of Hungary. After WW I it became part of Czechoslovakia. In 1993, Czechoslovakia separated into two independent countries. Both are now members of the European Union. We were the only tourists in this quaint, quiet  town. Katerina provided  each of us with a bag lunch  filled with sandwiches  of different types as well as apples. We picnicked in a park and then we had some time to explore the town. We popped into the Church of the Holy Spirit, a baroque masterpiece.

Back on the bus, the road was hillier and filled with more twists and turns, but I was equipped with my Dramamine and my eye mask, so I had no problems. We stopped at Aggteleki Nemzeti Park, part of the Baradla-Domica Cave System that goes from Slovakia to Hungary. We marveled at its natural beauty.

In just a few hours, we were at Hotel Kodmom in Eger, Hungary. Our group enjoyed  a family-style dinner in a nearby restaurant  that consisted of beef and potato soup, stuffed cabbage, spaetzle, beef stew,  and sauerkraut with Strudel for dessert. They were all delicious! We enjoyed our dinner conversations with our travel mates.

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