Eastern Europe, Day 20 – Monday June 3, 2019

Paris to JFK to Westport, Connecticut

We had an 8:30 AM flight, so we arranged for a cab to take us to the airport at 5:45 AM. There was very little traffic at that hour. We had no problems at the airport or during the flight. The person who picks us up at JFK had another couple to get, so he provided us with one of his friends, a driver we had had before, to take us home. We can’t think of anything better than traveling to new and different destinations, and visiting with our dear friends. Au revoir, Paris! Hello Connecticut! There is no  place like home.


3 thoughts on “Eastern Europe, Day 20 – Monday June 3, 2019

  1. Thank you, Barbara for the wonderful blog, and Nick, for the great pictures. I loved reliving our trip through your eyes. And I really appreciated the details you provided that I either forgot or never registered to begin with! (Probably more often the latter….) I’m so glad Tom and I got a chance to meet you and travel with you!

  2. Another great travel blog. Rick S could not have done better on the daily reviews. I took every step (again) with you and enjoyed each bite of those delicious meals. Nick and I share Paris as our favorite city in the world and made me think it might be time for a return visit. GREAT JOB and where to on the next adventure?

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