Sicily, Day 9 – November 25, 2016

Our breakfast buffet in Trapani offered bacon and eggs,  a variety of breads and cakes, jams, whole fruit, fruit salad,  cold cereal  with yogurt, and a variety of teas. I chose the cold cereal with yogurt and orange cinnamon tea.

After breakfast, our  bus took us  to the salt flats of Trapani, where salt has been harvested since the 12th century.  
From the salt flats we took a boat to the island San Pantaleo. On the island was Mozia, the Mediteranean’s best preserved Phoenician site. There we visited the Whitaker Museum, where we learned about the ancient Phoenician civilization. The museum’s greatest treasure is Il Giovinetto di Mozia, a marble statue of a young man.

We returned to our hotel and a respite. This was followed by a hunt for an ATM, which was followed by a hunt for “the best cannoli on the planet,” as one reviewer said. We were helped to find the ATM by our bus driver, and we found the pastry shop of which  the reviewer spoke so highly. Sadly, it was closed.

Several of us planned to have dinner together.  Most of the restaurants were closed  for the off-season,  but we found one that would accept our reservation. A few moments after being seated, we were told that our table was needed because the party of locals next to us had more members than they thought. This was upsetting, because the only available table didn’t have enough room for all of us. Then we learned that the restaurant had another room in which two members of our group were eating. Carol and Wendell left our group and joined the two who had been alone,  so everyone was seated.

I ordered pasta with pesto alla Trapani. Trapani’s version of pesto contained almonds, garlic, tomato, and pecorino cheese. Nick ordered swordfish crusted in pistachios. While we were eating, KB asked a fellow at the next table (the table we relinquished that had been added to the table of locals)  if they were celebrating a birthday. The fellow picked up a bottle of wine, came to our table, and and filled each our glasses, in gratitude to us for giving up our table.

It was a windy, rainy evening. Although  I suspect that some members of our group went out in search  of gelato, Nick and I made it an early night. We had walked more than 10,900 steps and climbed  the equivalent of 16 flights of stairs.