Portugal and Paris, Day 2 – September 20, 2017

We awoke at 9 AM and decided that we would do as the French do for breakfast by eating croissants. Before he left, J-M had suggested his favorite nearby bakery. Nick chose a chocolate croissant, while the one I selected  had apple filling. While enjoying these treats back at the apartment,  we planned our day’s adventure. We decided to go to the Marmottan Museum, which features the works of Claude Monet displayed inside a Parisian mansion.

We exited the metro with me holding my Rick Steves Paris book, trying to figure out in which direction we should walk. Someone holding his own copy of the book approached us, saying, “Are you going to the Marmottan? I’m looking for it, too. I think it’s this way.” It’s always fun to meet like-minded travelers! The museum contained many works that spanned the range of Monet’s career.

Nick’s cousin Vinny, a devoted Francophile, had told us in advance that his favorite Parisian street was Rue de Passy. We decided to take a look at it. This street has the feel of a village within the city. Quiet and safe, the area is the location of ten less frequently visited museums, a park, and many restaurants, shops and apartments. We walked and walked, taking it all in. Our map showed  that if we continued walking we would reach the Eiffel Tower. When we approached it, I was again grateful that we were not traveling during tourist season. I loved seeing the varied faces in the crowds there. We saw the  young, the middle-aged and the elderly, descended from ancestors from many different continents, including several newlyweds trying to get just the right photos.

After walking far enough to get away from the crowd, we sat at a cafe and ordered a salmon quiche and a salad, which we shared. Diners are never rushed at sidewalk cafes in Paris!

We decided to return to the apartment. Nick remarked that we were on the same subway line where, some thirty plus  years before, we were surrounded by   skilled pickpockets. They began their attempts to pick our pockets just as the train pulled into the station, so that they could escape as the doors were closing. What happened? I went into Wonder Woman mode.  I beat them off,  while one had her hand in Nick’s pocket and the hand of another was  in my purse! All that happened while I was holding Carla, who was six months old at the time.

After a rest back at the apartment, it  was time for dinner. Because we had enjoyed our lunch at Simone, Nick wanted to return there. Nick ordered duck breast with plums and ginger. That tempted me, but instead I chose a baked cod-like fish with mussels and parsnips in a white sauce with  baby spinach. This  meal was, indeed, a masterpiece!

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