Portugal, Day 17 – October 6, 2017

We were in  our hotel lobby at 5 AM, ready for our cab to the airport. We were fortunate; a large group had to leave at 3 AM! We had an easy flight from Porto to Madrid, and the passport control line was short. From Madrid, we had a direct flight to JFK. Although the line there was long, the reentry process was problem free. Our driver picked us up without too much trouble. Before long, we were safely  back at home.

Many thanks for your comments and  your interest in our trip. We are often asked where we are going next. We are not sure yet, but we hope that we will continue to travel in 2018. Wherever we go, Nick will enjoy taking photos and I’ll enjoy writing about our experiences.

8 thoughts on “Portugal, Day 17 – October 6, 2017

  1. Another great trip review. Took every step with you, tasted each meal and especially enjoyed Nick’s chocolate specialties. Sounds like it was a wonderful experience and thank you for sharing…can’t wait for your next adventure.

  2. Barb,
    I really enjoyed reading your journal of all the experiences you have had.
    Thanks for sharing all your travel adventures with us.

  3. Barbara and Nick: As always, I have enjoyed seeing all the beautiful photos and interesting articles detailing your wonderful trip! Thank you for sharing. I’ll look forward to hearing all about your 2018 travels!

  4. I am sorry your adventures end here. Once again, thank you for sharing your trave journal and photos with us.

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