Day 5 – May 31, 2018

Time for breakfast, and that means dim sum. We asked the concierge for a recommendation, and he provided one, with  a map. Finding our way to the restaurant was part of our adventure, even with a map.  When we arrived, we were certain that this would be authentic Hong Kong food, because the menu had no English on it at all. The waitress provided us with a menu that had photos, and we selected  pork filled  buns, a pork dish, and a sweet pastry.

After breakfast we walked to the Star Ferry dock. We took the ferry to cross over to the mainland. During the ride, we chatted with an outgoing couple from Australia.   When we exited the boat, we took a bus to  the foot of Victoria Peak, a tourist attraction high on a mountain that’s reached by a funicular.  After departing from the funicular, there were many escalators to take before reaching The Peak.

Many New York summer days are referred to as being “Triple H:” hazy, hot and humid. This was definitely a Triple H day in Hong Kong.  The temperature was at least 90 degrees, and the humidity was high.  Even with all that, and the haze, we enjoyed the views and the people we met atop The Peak.

After that experience, we were definitely ready for lunch.  A colleague of mine, Deborah, had told me that her brother lived in Hong Kong. She was kind enough to contact him, and he graciously took the time to provide us with  restaurant  and tourism suggestions. The restaurant  we chose from his list was near the dock on the Kowloon side of the water.  We were among the last to be seated for lunch, but there was no doubt in our minds about what we would order.  Here’s a hint: the specialty of the restaurant, Peking Garden, was Peking Duck. We have had Peking Duck before, and found it to be delicious. When you order it, you are served thin pancakes, which you spread with hoisin sauce. Slices of juicy duck with crispy skin go atop the hoisin, and matchstick slices of cucumber and scallions go atop the duck. You roll it all up, and voilà! We loved it!

Our hotel offered a shuttle service from a street in the dock area, which sounded perfect. The key is finding the right street, and then finding the right shuttle. Eventually all the pieces fell into place. The ride on the shuttle bus was fascinating. We seemed to be in the very high end shopping district.  Among the many kinds of shops, we noticed several that sold very expensive wristwatches, including brands we had never heard  of before.  When we reached our hotel room, we both collapsed for a nap in our lovely, air conditioned room. We awoke at 7:30 PM when the lights were beginning to glow from the buildings across the water.

After our huge, late lunch, we were not quite hungry enough for dinner,  so we went back downstairs to Green for dessert. I enjoyed a strawberry tart, while Nick chose mango cheesecake.

12,000 steps

Nick suggested that we go for a walk after dessert, so out we went into the night.  All of our senses were involved in this experience! The streets were absolutely filled with young people, out to see and be seen, to walk and talk, to have seated meals in restaurants, to take food out, or to eat Street Food on the spot. We took in the sights and sounds of walkers and talkers,  the aroma of the street food cooking, and the multitudes of lights. We added 5,000 more steps to our total before arriving back at our hotel room.

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  1. I would love to visit Hong Kong. It’s been on my bucket list for a long time.

  2. I want to try some Peking Duck! Sounds delicious! I wonder if there’s a good place to get it around here?

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