China, Day 11 – June 6, 2018

We were picked up for breakfast at 8:30 AM. Breakfast consisted of a packet of milk, pumpkin strips, dried fruit, and a bun. We finished everything!

Yesterday we had shown the books we make using a sheet of copier paper. Today we were going to teach the teachers how to make them. Nick wanted to practice in advance, and the process came back to us easily.

At today’s meeting with the teachers and headmistress, we first completed our power point presentation. Most of it of it deals with the elements of education  that enabled Earthplace to achieve accreditation. The beginning and the end are about my years of teaching.  When I began my career in September 1968,  I could have been assigned to any school in New York City. It was my great fortune to be sent to  P.S. 18 in Queens to be the teacher of a first grade class. The minute I walked in the door on the first day and saw the faces of the children, I was hooked! I began the power point presentation yesterday with a photo of that class. Today we completed the presentation. The final photo was me with seven of my first students taken at a reunion  a few years ago. I am thrilled to be in contact with them,  and to know what wonderful adults they have become.    

After that, we showed my books again. Everyone was given paper and directions for folding and cutting. We explained that they could make books on any subject. For instance, a book called Numbers could have a numeral written on each page, and the children could glue on the appropriate number of things.

Our books have become more sophisticated now. Nick comes to Earthplace with me when I am subbing, and takes photos of my day. He is able to place his photos onto the pages of the books. We explained that we would send Olivia directions for doing that, and she could share the directions with each school.

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