Recovery, Week Five: Weight Awhile

A few weeks ago, I stopped taking Nick’s word about  his weight  and insisted on seeing him on the scale myself. That’s how I knew he had gained one pound after one week and seven more ounces after the second. Weigh-ins are on Sundays. This past Sunday, he had lost nearly a pound. We both had visions of a feeding tube. After Sunday’s weigh-in and throughout the day,  Nick  ate scrambled eggs,  cantaloupe,  ravioli with homemade Bolognese sauce with extra cream, yogurt with 2% fat ( rather than 0% fat, not easy to find), homemade cream of shrimp soup with extra cream, and a few bites of rotisserie chicken. On Monday morning he had regained the weight. Whew!

On Tuesday August 19, Nick saw Dr. H, the ENT surgeon who did his biopsy. Dr. H was very pleased with Nick’s progress and said he looked great after all he had been through! He said Nick’s tongue is symmetrical, which is important for an eventual complete recovery. Nick described various side effects that he is still experiencing, and Dr. H. said they could continue for six more weeks or longer. The doctor may have to “go back in” because of the edges of the incision. Surgeons often do this; mine did twenty-five years ago, because as I was told then, cancers often hide in scar tissue. He won’t make his decision about doing that for at least two months.

Nick now has a second part time job! He is very pleased to be working with his friend Jim and another media instructor at Staples High School, teaching them how to use Final Cut Pro, about which he has written an app.

Many of you have said  very kind things both in person and by replying to this blog about the care I give to Nick, for which I thank you most sincerely. Many things kept me at my self-appointed task of aiding his recovery. I understand the chemo and radiation experience, having been there and done that. Also,  every day I focused on what the doctors told us at the beginning: his chances of complete survival  are very high. Blessed are those  who  care for loved ones whose prognosis is not positive. I can count several among my friends and family.

Dr. H. gave Nick an assignment:  he must eat and gain weight. Although eating is still not easy, Nick has his sense of smell and taste is returning. I find him wandering into the kitchen when I’m cooking, smelling the food and saying that he is hungry. I’m using this technique to help him fulfill his assignment!


3 thoughts on “Recovery, Week Five: Weight Awhile

  1. Barbara and Nick-
    It was great to come home from vacation and find out things are improving everyday—less that weight drop but regained!!
    How wonderful you did a trip into NYC!! You two are a great team. 🙂
    Blessings and Prayers

  2. Barbara, I love hearing about Nick’s recovery progress and it sounds like he is doing what needs to be done. I also want to say how wonderful you are through this whole process. Having to help Bill now I can somehow relate to being there for our husbands and making the best of the entire situation. Take care my friend of Barbara as well. You are important too and you need to take care of you. I am taking care of me. Keep these notices coming. My love to Nick

  3. Good news! Keep feeding him the Italian food Barbara! (Imagine if he was married to an Irish or English girl… might never gain weight, lol)

    God Bless,

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