China, Day 22 – June 17, 2018

Liang, the driver who had picked us up at the airport two weeks ago, would be driving us to the airport today. Julian and Eric woke up early to help us with our luggage, and to say good-bye. Liang took us out for breakfast. He ordered twelve dumplings, fried bread, chicken soup, and more. Even though we knew that if we didn’t eat everything, he would think we didn’t like it and order more, we were too excited to  eat too much.

Before we left the residence, I had asked Eric to tell Liang that we needed to go to Terminal 3. At the airport, Liang typed into his phone in Chinese and the words came out in English: This is Terminal 3. We thanked him in English and Chinese (the one Chinese phrase I learned!). The photo below was taken inside the terminal inside the airport:

Rather than flying across the Pacific, our plane flew north over Russia and the North Pole, and then south over Canada, to New Jersey, where we were picked up for the trip home to Connecticut. Sometimes, incredible things happen. It is incredible that we met Olivia, and that she wanted us to see her schools in China. It’s amazing that we actually went to China, met lovely people, saw two Chinese preschools, introduced them to teaching and learning at Earthplace Preschool, and saw some of the world’s greatest wonders. I hope we opened a door to a long connection between Earthplace Preschool and Pleasant Preschools!


A few weeks after we returned home, we received a message from Candy, a teacher in Langfang. She had made fold-up books with her class and wanted to show them to us! We were so deeply touched!

5 thoughts on “China, Day 22 – June 17, 2018

  1. I may be late to the game but having just completed the last entry of your blog, my senses are all stimulated. I marvel at the extraordinary sites you both got to see as much as all the bean paste and rice you digested! I think of how little of the world our own parents got to experience and how amazed they would be for your adventures.

    The learning curve of observing how we nurture children on both sides of the world, how we differ and how we are the same is a great gift to share and learn. Nicks dramatic photos of the Great Wall made me feel as if I were there myself. I wonder how far along the average visitor travels before turning back!

    I think of all the children who will never forget your presence in their lives during these 2 weeks! Of course, I’m barely scratching the surface of thoughts and emotions. It’s all beautifully overwhelming and I’m just thrilled to know you were able to greet each day with good health and a smile and that you were greeted and treated with so many kindnesses along the way. These are memories that never fade, impressions that last all our lives. Thank you for sharing them with us, I loved being a proverbial fly on the wall!

  2. What a lovely exchange of educational ideas and values. I salute Olivia for facilitating the visit and Barbara and Nick for their adventurous spirit!

    Glad you returned home with some delicious dumplings in your stomach , Barbara and Nick, thanks to Liang!

  3. What an absolutely fascinating adventure…thanks for sharing and once again, as with the other trip logs, I felt as if I were there with you.

  4. Dearest Barbara and Nick, thank you for your willingness to embark on this beautiful journey. You opened doors for all of us. I look forward to seeing you soon and continue our adventure together!

  5. What a fabulous experience and such a wonderful way to open discussion between two cultures .

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