Trip to France, Day 5

Day 5
Friday September 11

Because the weather was still simply spectacular, we decided to spend as much of it as possible outdoors again. I had never been to Montmartre, so off we went. We were metro experts—changing train lines and taking a funicular. All of this brought us to Sacre Coeur, on the highest hill in Paris, from which the views were extensive. Walking through Montmartre, we saw grapes growing on the vines of Paris’ last remaining vineyard.

DSE_7919We snacked on crèpes, chocolate for Nick and strawberry for me. Then we decided to go to the Père Lachaise Cemetery. It may seem strange to visit a cemetery while on vacation, but in Italy and France the gravestones are works of art. At Père Lachaise, we were given a map and a list of the famous people interred there who are many and varied, including Edith Piaf, Oscar Wilde, and Jim Morrison. Afterwards, we shared a panino and headed back to J-M’s. We walked up Rue Mouffetard one more time, where an organ grinder at work enchanted Nick. Many years ago, Nick’s dad was in an ad acting the role of an organ grinder.

We were taking our hosts out for dinner. Jose-Maria had made a reservation at a favorite restaurant of theirs. The restaurant was small, offering us a view of the hard-working chefs. The menu was hand-written on a chalkboard, meaning that they only use the freshest ingredients. It’s an understatement to say that my dinner, a lentil and chorizo salad, roast duck, and a dessert called pot de crème, was delicious. Nick had the same starter and main course but opted for chocolate mousse cake for dessert. We again felt fortunate to be with such great friends sharing our enjoyment of Nick’s favorite city.
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  1. Back in my college years, it was obligatory to visit Jim Morrison’s grave in Père Lachaise if you were anywhere near Paris. I refrained from kissing the gravestone.

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