Portugal and Paris, Introduction

After our fantastic 2015 Rick Steves trip to  France and our  memorable 2016 trip to Sicily, we knew that we wanted to continue to  travel according to the “Rick Steves Method.”  First and foremost, he says that grumpy people need not apply! There are no porters on his trips, so everyone carries his or her own luggage.  We had already purchased clothing that could be  washed in our hotel room sink at night and  that would be dry in the morning. We used to bring lots of “just in case” items on trips, but no more.  This wouldn’t work for everyone, but it works for us.

It was Nick’s turn to choose a destination, and he chose Portugal. I’m always comfortable traveling in countries in which I can speak a little of the language. I can converse  fairly well in Italian, somewhat well in Spanish, and a little in French. How different could Portuguese be?

Nick told me that rather than taking a direct flight to Lisbon, it would be less expensive to fly to somewhere else first and go to Lisbon from there. “Somewhere else” would be Paris. We always try to take advantage of opportunities to visit with our dear Parisian friends Agnès  and Jose-Maria. Nick contacted them to find out if they would be there when we would.

I also want to mention my Fitbit,  a gift from my son that  I relied on during the Sicily trip. Many people remarked about the distances we walked and about the flights of steps we took. Well, the Fitbit broke. The original model cannot be repaired, so a week before our trip,  I got a new one. It works  very well, except that it does not register flights of steps.

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  1. Just returned from Boston for Founders Society event and overnight with Flint’s Fun travelogue and I await the next installment

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