China, 2018 – Introduction

Many of our friends and family members have heard the backstory of our China trip, but because you will need to know why we went, I’m going to repeat it. The story began in October 2017, when I accompanied Nick to his 50 year college reunion at RPI (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute). I have been to previous reunions with him, so I know that he really enjoys them, but they often present me with a problem. Nick majored in physics and electrical engineering, two subjects about which I am not conversant. The people we meet are not typically conversant about my major, early childhood education, either.

So, there we were at the Reunion Dinner. Picture a large room filled with tables of eight to ten people, like a wedding with no dance floor. RPI staff were asked to join tables at random and participate in conversations. The chair next to me was empty. Soon an RPI staff member sat down. As we began to chat, I definitely didn’t get the typical reaction I receive when I mention my college major. The woman seated next to me, Olivia, began to ask questions about my preschool’s curriculum and activities. Olivia explained that she had two preschools near Beijing, China. Eventually, she had to move on, but we both felt that this was not the end of our discussions about early childhood education.

Olivia and I began corresponding by email. I invited her to visit my preschool, Earthplace, and she accepted. She loved everything she saw and heard, and wanted to hear much more. That led to a second visit. At that time, Olivia said that someone from Earthplace should go to her two schools as an advisor, and she said that person should be me. I accepted immediately, because this would be the culmination of my nearly thirty-year career as a preschool teacher. Nick and I were to arrive at her schools in early June 2018.

Because we would be traveling toward California, we planned to stop in San Francisco to visit our son, Nicholas, who has been living there for a few years. He suggested that we stop in Hong Kong on our way to Beiijng, because it would be good for us to get used to the time zone change in a place where everyone speaks English and the food is excellent. We took his advice.

We typically work on our blog and photos after we return from a trip. You are receiving this message because you have received our previous travel blogs, or you have expressed interest in this trip. If you prefer not to receive the blog or the photos, just let us know and we will remove you from the list. As for me, I can’t wait to get started!

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  1. I read your post and found it interesting. Awaiting future notes on your trip. Hope you had a great experience.

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