Day 1 – Sunday, May 27, 2018

First Stop: San Francisco

Our alarm clock rang at 5 AM,  and we immediately sprang into action. Nick said that a million people are in the air at any given  time.  I hoped they weren’t all on their way to JFK Airport, considering that this was the middle  day of Memorial Day Weekend. Luck was with us and the roads were fairy  empty. Even getting through security was a breeze. At this point in our travels, Nick always says, “Don’t lose your boarding pass,”  and I always reply, “Lose my boarding pass! I’d never do that!” That story will continue at a later time  in this blog.

We grabbed  a light breakfast,  a croissant and a muffin, before boarding our plane. This would be a happy day for us, because we were en route to San Francisco  for a visit with our son, whom we typically only see at Christmas. We have several friends and extended family members in San Francisco whom we would have loved to see, but because we would be in S.F. for such a short time, we  opted to spend the little time we had with our son.

Nick had made a reservation for us to stay at the same B & B he booked last June when he attended the 2017 Apple World Wide Developers Conference. Its location, near Chinatown, was convenient, and we were given a delightful, quiet room that faced a garden. We arrived in time for lunch, so we decided to wander five blocks  to Chinatown. There we shared a sizzling seafood platter. We had time for a rest before meeting Nicholas for dinner.

We were thrilled to see our son when he arrived at our B & B! He suggested that we go to Japantown, a part of San Francisco that we had never seen before, for dinner. We did lots of walking and exploring, and eventually we arrived at one of his favorite restaurants, Izakaya Kou. We ate dumplings, different kinds of sushi, and grilled scallops, with green tea ice cream for dessert. The meal was delicious.

After dinner, we planned a get-together for the next day before Ubering off in different directions. We had taken more than 10,000 steps. My Fitbit told me I was an overachiever.

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  1. Delighted to hear from you! Looking forward to hearing all about your adventures in China. Maureen McMyler

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