China, Day 2 – May 28, 2018

We awoke to a sunny San Francisco morning. Soon we discovered that my Fitbit charging cable  had been left at home. We walked to two Walgreens stores, and  then to a Target. It was at Target that we found a charging cable that fit my Fitbit.


Nicholas was taking the train to meet us on Market Street. There was a mall there that we had never entered before, but we learned that it’s one of Nicholas’ favorites, because it has many techie stores inside. After exploring for a while, hunger struck, so we sat down at a noodle shop in the food court. When we travel, Nick and I typically order one food item and share it, but  this time we each ordered a  different bowl of noodles in broth. As we ate, Nicholas explained to us that there were several different kinds of Asian noodles,  only some of which were served in broth.

We came up with a plan for the day. When our children were little, we loved family excursions to Children’s Museums. San Francisco has an Exploratorium, which is a hands-on museum for kids from 5 to 95. We had never been there before, so off we went. The three of us spent hours getting immersed in all sorts of  activities, including physics, music, art , biology , ecosystems, and much more. When we were ready to leave, Nicholas asked me, “Which activity did you like best?” It seemed to me that I had asked him that very question at science museums . Could that really have happened thirty years ago?

Back at our B & B, we asked for a dinner recommendation. We were referred to a restaurant, Colibri Mexican Bistro, not because of its food, but because it was open on a Monday night  during  a holiday weekend. We were lucky, because the food,  which I would describe as “atypical Mexican,” was delicious. Nicholas had a pork dish, I had a salad, and Nick had the duck,  his favorite. We loved our meals!

After dinner, Nicholas walked us back to our B & B. He remarked that all the walking I do has paid off, because I was never tired all day on the hills of San Francisco. We would be leaving  very early in the morning, so we said our farewells, planning to  be together again at Christmas.

17,808 steps Still over-achieving!

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  1. I’m impressed at your stamina.

    Also would like to try some noodle dishes! We have a restaurant in Wilton that calls itself a noodle house which we must sample!

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