Recovery, Week Two

On Wednesday Nick had an appointment with his dentist. His teeth are fine! This was a relief, because we were told originally by Dr. P. that some people lose teeth as a result of the treatments.

We went to a movie for the first time since all this began. Nick drove with no problems.

When his throat and his saliva are working properly, he’ll be able to eat fairly normally. Until then I’m trying to give him foods that are easy to swallow, to which he can add butter and  cream for calories. He ate some oatmeal. It took half an hour for him to eat half a cup, but he did it. He also had pea soup, which worked well once but not after that. A friend (thanks, Denise!) suggested pastina, the smallest cut of pasta, that’s well known to  Italian-American children. I prepared it with  butter, cream  and mascarpone cheese to make it as calorie-laden as possible. He came close to enjoying it. We’ll both be very happy when he starts to gain some weight!

The skin on Nick’s neck is still peeling off in little clumps. We apply ointments twice a day, and there are now a few patches on the left side that look nearly normal. Some facial hair is coming back in that area, too. The only hair that Nick lost  because of the treatments was in approximately a three inch circle all around his neck; we were told in advance to expect that.

After a few days of small forward steps, Saturday was a day backward, with Nick requiring a pain pill and lots of sleep. Carla came to visit, and of course he enjoyed seeing her. She and I made one of our favorite recipes for our dinner, spaghetti with pancetta, garlic, and broccoli, while Nick had his pastina. In general I’ve avoided preparing favorite foods while he can’t eat them, but hopefully that will start to happen soon.

The school from which I retired asked me to work at their summer camp this coming week and I accepted. I’ll enjoy being with  the children, while Nick will get to manage without me for three hours a day, hopefully a win-win situation.

3 thoughts on “Recovery, Week Two

  1. You’re welcome Barbara!! I hope he starts enjoying his food more probably after the taste buds come back and heal. Then he can have larger pasta with his favorite sauces. Love to you guys. Keep me posted,

  2. Glad to hear you’ll be back with the kids this week – a good sign, and a welcomed change of scenery, I’m sure! Pastina! What a perfect solution! Can Nick handle ricotta? I’m sure you’ve exhausted the possibilities!

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