Recovery, Week Three

On Wednesday August 6, Nick had his first post-radiation appointment with his radiologist. Dr. P.  was very pleased with his progress! Nick’s neck is healing, so much so that there are just three areas that require ointments 2x each day.   Dr. P. expected that in addition to food  and water tasting metallic, Nick would have regained his taste buds for saltiness, which is exactly where Nick is now. Dr. P. could not advise us as to when Nick’s ability to taste other things would return, because the others don’t come back in the same order for every patient.

Also, Nick had a meeting with his consulting client in Stamford during the week. He has been given an assignment that he can do remotely  at home, and he  immediately began working on it for about two hours a day. This is a great improvement to his schedule!

Our town has free entertainment under the stars outdoors on most summer evenings at the Levitt Pavilion, and we enjoyed two of their presentations. We also enjoyed a  visit to the beach after dinner.

Nick is trying to eat a variety of foods. He prepared his own lunch daily while I was subbing at camp: macaroni and cheese. He has gained a pound! This is his first weight gain since treatments started, and although he has many more pounds to regain, we hope this the beginning of that path. Creamed soups still work well, and they no longer have to be thoroughly  pureed. He tried a bite of salmon, but that didn’t work at all.

I’ll continue to write until Nick has his next PET scan telling us that the cancer is gone. Please keep the prayers and good wishes coming until then!

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