Trip to France, Day 20

Day 20
Saturday Sep 26

IMG_6396 for WordPressBack at home, we learned that the money owed us by the restaurant in Paris had been credited to our account.

France 2015You may have noticed that I described our delicious meals in great detail. We were thrilled that Nick had regained his normal appetite and was able to enjoy the food and wines of France. You may also have noticed that Nick and I did a great deal of walking during our trip and that kept us from gaining weight. At home, Nick doesn’t enjoy walking as much as I do. When I ask him why, he replies, “I know what our neighborhood looks like.”

Happy travels!DSE_7877

1 thought on “Trip to France, Day 20

  1. Wecome home Barbara and Nick.

    I have been following your trip to France, sporatically I have to admit. Marilyn and I were in the last stage of packing up the last of our belongings in Santa Fe, consigning them to United Van Lines, and then driving in my car to our now home in Bonita Springs, Florida. So I will be catching up with your day reports in the ensuing week or so.

    You are so fortunate to have such good friends in Agnes and Jose-Maria. They must of made your visit to France so much more rewarding than most visitors get.

    Thank you for giving me a chance to tour and dine in France, vicariously, with you and Nick, for 20 wonderful days.


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